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The greatest race!

We all know the stories of runners who fall during a race and make a valiant effort to at least finish…

Well, check this out!

Not only did she fall, but wait until you watch what happens at the end!!!

If ever you stumble, remember this woman – it’s NEVER too late until the race is over!

CNN and KMOV4 in St Louis published a story on a family who together lost 300 pounds! That story started me thinking about the motivation to lose weight and why some people succeed at it and others don't. People such as Tony Robbins suggest that you need an important why…
I love these tips from Healthy Tipping Point: "If you’ve ever trained for a race, you know this is true. A training plan is based on this philosophy.  Over time, efforts build on each other, transforming you from a couch potato to a runner. At Week 1, it’s hard to…

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