What is ‘Achievement’?

Various dictionaries suggest ‘achievement’ is the positive result of hard work or special effort – but despite working hard and putting in the effort, not everyone achieves.  Why?

Leigh (Bella) St John has invested a lifetime into the study of human psychology – what makes people ‘tick’ – and this has given her a unique perspective when it comes to the areas of coaching people to achieve, learning and development, marketing and branding.  Bella also uses this knowledge in the crafting of her various books, both fiction and non-fiction.

The key is understanding what drives a person…  How do they view the world?  What do they want?  …and ultimately, how do they want to feel when they achieve what they think they want?”

Achievement Strategist, Author, Speaker and Luxurious Nomad, Leigh (Bella) St John works on a virtual basis with clients all over the globe, facilitating the realization and accomplishment of their personal and professional goals.  She travels the world living a lifestyle most people only dream about!