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What Do I Want To Be?

…a guided journal to discover your passion…


Imagine how empowering it would have been when you were in high school or college to have had the benefit of a resource that helped you work out what you wanted to do with your life!

What Do I Want To Be? Is a careers guide structured in journal format to enable teens and college students to increase their self-confidence, discover their passion for life and inspire them to truly believe they can achieve their dreams!

Rather than tell students what they could or should do, inspirational Author and Speaker, Leigh St John uses the power of strategic questions to elicit answers from within our students, to discover their own answers and their own passions.


 “Thank you for letting me have an advance copy of your book. I’m one of those people who have too many passions.I used to feel totally overwhelmed because I love to do many different things.   Your book helped me find that there was a single core passion in the middle of it all and I am now clear on what I want to study.Thank you for bringing me out of my overwhelmnedness.”       Maricel, College Student

While working through the chapters, students simultaneously create a journal/workbook they can reference and use to develop a personal roadmap for life, a solid foundation to build on, and a personally discovered passion for life.

Once students can realize their individual and collective potential, they begin to be more engaged in their school work, their future, and aspire to positively contribute to their lives and their communities.

Are you a Parent?

Parents will also find inspiration by being a collaborative partner with their children, supporting and reinforcing their chosen passion. With a common defined goal, parents can now clearly fortify their child’s objectives and proudly enjoy the journey together.

 “I know I’m only in high school but …your book… helped me know that I have lots of choices but only some of them are what I want to do with my life because only some of them are my passion.My family don’t have a lot but they want me to be happy. I didn’t think I could ever go to law school because I didn’t think we could afford it so like it says in your book I didn’t let myself want that.Now I know there is always a way even if it might take me longer.   I do want to go to law school and now I believe I can.” Brittany, Student 

Imagine how empowering it would have been when you were in high school or college to have had the benefit of a resource that helped you work out what you wanted to do with your life.

Rather than lecture to students about what they should or could do, this guided journal (workbook) challenges them with a series of questions and activities to allow the student to discover their own right answers.

“What do I want to be?”  will show you how to:

  • Explore your life’s purpose 
  • Gain new confidence in your own creative powers 
  • Discover the power of focus 
  • Clear the clutter in your life 
  • Ask better questions to get better answers 
  • Dissolve self-limiting thought patterns 
  • Turn your aspirations into reality and 
  • Live the life of your dreams! 

“I can teach anybody how to get what they want out of life. The problem is that I can’t find anybody who can tell me what they want.” Mark Twain

Whether you have a vague idea of your passion or no idea at all, “What do I want to be?”will work with you through the process of not only discovering your passion, but also putting into practice the steps necessary to actually live your passion.

To purchase your copy of the book, simply go to http://bit.ly/leighstjohn13




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