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What are you meant to teach?


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Think about it…  If you were put here to teach, what would you teach?

Here are three ideas to help you start to answer that question:

1.  What do you love?  Dancing, painting, talking, inspiring, running..?  For now, don’t think about whether you feel you could teach it, just think about what you love to do…

2.  What do you love to discuss?

3.  What were your favorite subjects in school?  If you wanted to take some adult classes in a subject, what subject(s) interest you?

Now, forgetting for a moment longer whether you feel you can teach, look at your answers and find one or two common aspects.

Done that?

OK, now consider actually teaching that to a group at a senior citizen’s facility – or perhaps a mother’s group…  Where is there a group that would be interested in what you have to teach on that subject?

Remember, you don’t need to know it all, but in some way or other we are all here to teach…

Find your gift and share it with the world..!

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