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Hi and welcome!

It truly is an honor and privilege to work with you and to be of service.

You will receive an email from us immediately with your receipt.  If it’s not in your inbox, please check your spam/junk folder.

Also, if you have selected our Elf services, you will receive an initial automated email from your Chief Elf pretty much immediately that contains all your vital info, so if that’s not in your inbox, again please check your spam/junk folder.  (and if you’re now wondering what ‘Elf services’ are (LOL) you can learn more here:  http://luxuriousnomad.com/elves/)

Looking forward to working with you and if you need to connect with me, email or Skype are best.

Email:  leighstjohn@leighstjohn.com

Skype:  my username is leighstjohn

Wishing you a most glorious and blessed day…

Leigh (Bella) St John

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  1. Tina Hessel says:

    Hello Bella!

    Well sitting for over an hour and a half to try to change my card number as the old card had expires and then being busy yesterday so finally today, calling Norway Pay Pal for help and voila!

    So here we go and I hope we go well!

    Have a wonderful day.


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