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The Strategic Table of Ten is the result of many years of research and development – and, after delivering it in various formats for almost ten years, the Program is now being offered to business people in select states across the USA.


  • What if you could focus on developing an area of your business and get a measurable return on your investment?
  • What if you could access the thoughts and ideas of other business leaders to help you develop your business?
  • What if you could take part in a structured program that was focused on you and your success?

The StrategicTable-of-Ten brings together a dynamic group of ten business leaders over a ten month period of time to work specifically on addressing the issues you have that are affecting your business.

About the Program

TIMEFRAME:  The Strategic Table-of-Ten meets twice per month for a period of ten months.

WHO:  The Members of the Table consist of ten business leaders and/or decision makers from non-competing businesses.  Of the ten Members, there is a minimum of one CEO from a non-profit organization to provide an even greater level of insight and diversity to the group.

FACILITATOR:  Leigh St John has many years of experience coaching and developing businesses from small operations to multi-national corporations – and her focus is on assisting YOU to develop YOUR operation.

WHAT’S COVERED:  Over the ten month period, the program is tailored to suit the individuals in the group, however each program has certain elements in common.

  1. Business Improvement Project – where you look an at area of your business that either isn’t working effectively or something that is and you can see a way to raise the bar.  We give you the tools and coaching to effectively examine that area, develop a cost-benefit analysis and implement your own recommendations, with the other Members constantly available for feedback.
  2. Communication & Leadership Style Indicator – you will have the benefit of completing a profiling tool to examine how you lead, communicate with others and how you are potentially perceived by them – and then be able to apply that knowledge back in your business.
  3. Expert Guest Speakers – wherever appropriate and requested by the Members, expert guest speakers are brought in to address the group and participate in a question and answer session – again, specifically targeted to YOUR business.
  4. Topics – at the first meeting, the Members discuss and vote on the topics they feel are most beneficial to their current challenges and business success.  These topics include but are not limited to:

BRAND – How to develop a brand that builds value and boosts profit

POSITIONING – How to position yourself head and shoulders above the clutter and noise

INFLUENCE – Learn how to develop the high-leverage power of influence

PRESENTATION SKILLS – Learn how to get your point across with confidence!

NETWORKING – How to turbo-charge your existing network into maximum profitability

TEAM – How to harness the true power of collaboration

ATTITUDE – Attitudes have the power to build or kill a business

LEADERSHIP – Leadership is not about how many people are behind you – otherwise the person first in line at Starbucks would be a ‘leader’

SUSTAINABLE GROWTH – Learn the secrets to sustainable and continual growth that will transform your business, increase your profits and give you more time to work on your business rather than in it

RELATIONSHIPS – How to foster profitable relationships with people – even the ones you don’t like!

PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY – How personally empowered team members lead to exponential business growth

EMPOWERMENT – How to light them up their way so they make you both shine

CONNECT WITH YOUR PASSION – How to focus your vision to produce inspired greatness

ANGEL INVESTORS – What it takes to attract and secure an angel investor – and what turns them off!

GREEN  MOVEMENT – Going Green is the way of the future – examine how you can make green the color of your business and your balance sheet!

CONTRIBUTION – How partnering with charities and community organizations is actually good for business

LEGACY – Don’t wait for your tombstone to tell the story of your life – create your legacy in the NOW!

CHANGE – Motivation versus Inspiration – learn the power of appealing to people’s self-interest to deliver results-oriented leadership

DECISIONS – Why your decisions have the power to create and the power to destroy

HEALTH – This is a ‘wellness’ revolution – learn how to build ‘health’ into your business

REPUTATION – Why your reputation is the key to opening doors of opportunity and how to use it to obtain maximum results

PROFIT MINDSET – Learn the strategies that will have you doing less and making more

BRIDGING THE MALE/FEMALE DIVIDE – Understand the fundamental differences that make all the difference

SALES – Why traditional sales tactics no longer work and what now does

MENTORING/COACHING – How to leverage the power of empowering others!

COMMUNICATION – How to truly engage people in your message

SELLING THE DREAM – How to develop an army of advocates who willingly promote your business for free

LIFESTYLE – You CAN have it all – but you need to know what it is!

LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY – Learn what’s available and how you can leverage technology for your business

INNOVATION – Innovate or die!

As you will understand, each Strategic Table-of-Ten is unique and needs to comprise people from non-competing busineses. As such, we request you complete contact us with your interest and we will connect with you personally to answer any questions and discuss your specific requirements.


“I really enjoyed your seminar! It was fantastic; I learned so much. I could see how this could be very valuable to so many different people from so many businesses. It will really encourage business owners to overcome some of the struggles and leverage their successes.”  Jay Malasaga, President, Access Group




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