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Pride & Prejudice 200th Anniversary

jane-austenBeing very much an Elizabeth Bennett at heart (and still looking for my Mr Darcy! ~ or more specifically, hoping he will find me…) I’m enjoying the readathon to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of its publication…


“The Jane Austen Centre in Bath is to host an event that will be broadcast around the world -a 12 Hour International Readathon.

January 28th 2013 sees the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and to mark this bicentenary the book will be read in its entirety during a twelve hour period.

The half- day long ‘Readathon’ will take place at the Centre in Gay Street and will be streamed to eager fans all around the world.

The book, which regularly tops polls as the nation’s favourite novel, will be read in short 10 minute segments by up to 140 celebrities, authors, politicians, musicians, Olympians, school children, competition winners and personalities.

The Centre will also be welcoming internet streams from the various overseas Jane Austen societies and celebrities.

David Baldock, Director of the Jane Austen Centre said, “This is such an important literary milestone that it cannot be allowed to pass without recognition. I have witnessed how Jane Austen’s talent unites people from all corners of the world and this ‘Readathon’ is one way we can celebrate this together.””

"Take failures and victory coolly. To do the latter is a very difficult mental exercise. In a running race, the losers, when running neck to neck, prompt the winners to run faster. They inspire the grit, to put in that extra pace which brings victory to the winners. Hence, winners…
I'm sitting in the restaurant of the hotel here in LA having spent (or that should be 'invested') today in Mark's informative conference. As you know, I love my online work and am thrilled with the calibre of information and attendees... I read Mark's book, "Laptop Millionaire" a few months…

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