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A Professional Development Program with a Measurable Return On Investment (ROI)


Having spent many years working with a who’s who of the world’s top companies, Leigh St John has developed a professional development program that is highly flexible and able to be tailored to your needs – while including a component that gives you a measurable ROI!

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  • Competitive Edge

OVERVIEW:  This is a twelve month structured program where participants (frontline to middle level managers) meet monthly to undertake a personal and professional development program that focuses on practical deliverables and has a measurable return on investment and works specifically on addressing the issues you have that are affecting your company.

WHAT’S COVERED:  Over the twelve month period, the program is tailored to suit the individuals in the group and to your specific organizational objectives, however each program has certain elements in common.

  1. Business Improvement Project – where each participant looks an at area of their department that either isn’t working effectively or something that is and they can see a way to raise the bar.  We provide the tools and coaching to effectively examine that area, develop a cost-benefit analysis and implementation plan for their own recommendations, with the other Members constantly available for feedback.
  2. Communication & Leadership Style Indicator – each participant has the benefit of completing a profiling tool to examine how they lead, communicate with others and how they are potentially perceived by them – and then be able to apply that knowledge back in your company.
  3. 360o Feedback Tool – participants measure where they are when they begin the program, use the tool to focus their development areas, and measure their level of change at the completion of the program
  4. Topics – these topics are highly customizable and the topics chosen are those deemed to be the most beneficial to their current challenges and business success.  These topics include but are not limited to:
  • TEAM  – How to harness the true power of collaboration
  • ATTITUDE  – Attitudes have the power to build or kill a business
  • LEADERSHIP vs MANAGEMENT  – Leadership is not about how many people are behind you – otherwise the person first in line at Starbucks would be a ‘leader’
  • RELATIONSHIPS  – How to foster profitable relationships with people – even the ones you don’t like!
  • PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY – How personally empowered team members lead to exponential business growth
  • EMPOWERMENT  – How to light them up their way so they make you both shine
  • CONNECT WITH YOUR PASSION – How to focus your vision to produce inspired greatness
  • CHANGE  – Motivation versus Inspiration – learn the power of appealing to people’s self-interest to deliver results-oriented leadership
  • DECISIONS  – Why your decisions have the power to create and the power to destroy
  • REPUTATION  – Why your reputation is the key to opening doors of opportunity and how to use it to obtain maximum results
  • BRIDGING THE MALE/FEMALE DIVIDE – Understand the fundamental differences that make all the difference
  • COMMUNICATION  – How to truly engage people in your message
  • LEVERAGING TECHNOLOGY – Learn what’s available and how you can leverage technology for maximum effectiveness
  • INFLUENCE  – Learn how to develop the high-leverage power of influence
  • PRESENTATION SKILLS – Learn how to get your point across with confidence!
  • NETWORKING – How to turbo-charge your existing networking into maximum profitability
  • MENTORING/COACHING  – How to leverage the power of empowering others!

MEASURABLE RETURN ON INVESTMENT:  If you are like many organizations, you have training programs to support your people, however while they may come away with a lot of information, do you really have a way to measure your return on your investment?

This program gives you just that!

While discussion of ideas is very useful, the implementation of those ideas is what makes the difference between those who succeed and those who are the also-rans…

The Business Improvement Project they complete through the ten months of the program allows you to measure at least one return on your investment of time and energy into this Program.

At the completion of the Program, each participant makes a formal presentation of their project to the group and to any members of Management you believe would be interested in the viewing the results of the Program.

Where to from here :  If you would like to move ahead with this Program, we would be delighted to meet with you or whoever is responsible for the Learning & Development area to discuss the logistics.

Rather than provide you with generic information and a cookie-cutter approach, Leigh St John will develop a package that is tailored specifically to your needs and your required outcomes.




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