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What to expect from Leigh (Bella) St John’s presentations?


Style & Approach

Bella’s style is relaxed and friendly, enthusiastic and energizing!


Bella’s content is practical and focused on producing results!

For the Client – Bella’s experience ensures your expectations are exceeded!
For the Audience – Bella’s delivery and passion results in an audience that has fun and learns to challenge themselves all at the same time!
Support Materials – Bella’s presentations can be supported with handouts, and her books are available for sale and signing by the Author.


The TOP 5 most compelling reasons to for you to

book Leigh (Bella) St John

  1. Passionate, energetic and entertaining presenter
  2. Meaningful, real world content that inspires people to action
  3. Audience rapport
  4. Presentations Custom-Tailored to YOUR needs!
  5. Experience counts!

On top of that, Bella’s easy-going nature and professionalism ensure that your event is a success as well as an enjoyable experience for all!


If, at the end of the event or program, you are not entirely happy with Bella’s work, she will negotiate a refund to you of up to 100%.

Bella’s Introduction

Whereas many MCs and speakers have one standard intro that is used not matter where they are, Bella will personally custom-write an introduction that is specifically tailored to your event and to your topic.

Speaker Introductions

Being an experienced professional Host and Emcee, Bella will not only source the speaker bio material, she will craft an introduction for your speakers that will make both you and them ‘shine’.

Bella’s Bio

While you will find Bella’s Professional Profile on this site, Bella will personally write a specific bio for your promotional materials that is custom-designed to fit your requirements of word count and target.

Audio Visual

Bella is a seasoned professional who has the ability to work around any situation.

At an International Mensa Convention, the room in which Bella was to present was overflowing with people trying to attend her presentation (people were sitting on the floor, in the aisles, standing outside the doors…) so it was decided to relocate the presentation to the ballroom – the only problem was there was no AV of ANY kind set up so Bella “winged it!” 🙂  She presented in a huge room with only her voice and her amazing energy – and the audience loved it!

Bella’s preferred AV requirements are:

  • Hand-held microphone
  • Lectern – although she rarely stays behind it!  🙂

Free Event Management Checklist

To obtain a copy of Leigh (Bella) St John’s free event management checklist, simply visit this page: http://leighstjohn.com/free-event-management-checklist/

Arrange An Interview with Leigh (Bella) St John

Whether you’re in television, radio or printed media, Leigh (Bella) St John offers a dynamic and powerful presence.

She has a unique ability to share the stories from her years of experience in the areas of Achievement Strategy, Self-Publishing and successful Brand Management and Business-Building in such a way that your audience will feel they really can achieve their goals.

Bella’s warmth, humor and vibrancy makes viewers and listeners feel as though they have known her for years!

Her background in media and performance mean that she is a seasoned professional and will be an ‘easy’ interview subject.

Bella’s focus on ‘achievement’ provides step-by-step strategies for anyone interested in making positive changes in their life or their business – and truly realizing their potential!

To listen to a recent interview, simply click this link:  http://leighstjohn.com/listen-now/


Email:  ClientServices@LeighStJohn.com

* Please note, Bella will respond to you personally.


If you have any questions at all, please contact us!  We would love to hear from you!

If you require any information that is not listed below, please email us and we will provide you with whatever you require.




Photo of conference courtesy of Cydcor & photo of audience courtesy of Sebastiaan ter Burg.