We’ve been nominated for an Emmy!


There are certain moments in your life when you do more than a double-take and pinch yourself…  Hearing that a project with which I am involved has been nominated for an Emmy® was one of those moments.

Trafficked No More” is an initiative of The Las Vegas Mayor’s Faith Initiative Human Trafficking Workgroup, led by Pastor Troy Martinez and 10,000 Kids.

The aim of the documentary, directed by Adrian Leon, is to help eliminate child sex-trafficking.

It was an incredible moment at the beginning of this year to have every single television channel across the entire state of Nevada simulcasting the documentary – and for it to be ad-free.

While it wasn’t my work that resulted in the Emmy® nomination (my Team and I are the Web Producers for this initiative), I couldn’t be prouder of the Documentary Team – and in particular Adrian and Pastor Troy.

There is something quite magical about not only working on a project that is doing good in the community, but also one where the Team members are people you love and respect.

Congratulations, Team!

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