My Next Chapter…

The subject of death, dying, epitaphs and such has been strangely prominent with several of my friends and colleagues lately, so I thought it apt that given I don’t have immediate relatives who know my wishes, to state them here.

…and just in case you are worried – don’t be – I don’t plan on going anywhere for a long time to come..!  🙂

However, this is something that has come up more than once and since my wishes are not exactly the norm – and since I don’t have anyone who is legally responsible for me, such as a husband, parents, children etc – I thought I would do the next best thing and post it here!  🙂  (OK, so you already know I am unconventional at the best of times, so why should this be any different? LOL!)  🙂

So, short version – do not bury my mortal remains! – do not cremate them! – please simply wrap the physical vessel that once contained my spirit in a very lovely, elegant, expensive, soft, silky piece of cloth and drop said vessel overboard in international waters.

Seriously!  That is truly and honestly my wish and makes me so very happy.

After all, it is merely my physical body about which we are speaking – the essence that is ‘me’ will continue on for energy cannot be destroyed, merely transmuted…

If anyone would like to put some type of epitaph to me back on terra firma, please make it interesting and preferable one that brings a smile to people’s faces 🙂 such as:

Leigh (Bella) St John

At least she wasn’t boring!

OK – that’s it.  Time to get back to work!  🙂

…and I am soooo loving the research I am doing for Bridgit’s Book Three! – stay tuned…

~ Bella


PS:  Almost immediately after posting this, I had several friends contact me to ask if I was OK.

Yes, I am not only fine – I am better than I have been in ages…!

However that did bring up an interesting point…  Consider your parents for instance, who may share this type of information with you as they want to simply have the peace of mind that their wishes are known – then all of a sudden they feel they have unfairly burdened you by you now thinking something is ‘wrong’ when in fact, nothing is wrong – they are just taking care of some personal business…

As Freud said,  ‘sometimes a cigar is just a cigar’…

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