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Free Bestseller Book Marketing Checklist

You have achieved what many only dream of achieving – you are a Published Author!

Now, let’s get your book out and into the hands of as many people as possible…

Below in this free book marketing checklist you will find a list of book marketing activities.  Obviously the more you do and the more thoroughly you approach the process of marketing your book, the more significant the results.

Of the actions listed, some you do, some we can do for you, and for others we can refer you…  Just reach out and let us know what support you need and we can tailor a program that is specific to your requirements.

check Enroll in the Guaranteed Best-Seller Program (http://leighstjohn.com/how-to-become-a-best-selling-author/) and set dates for Best-Seller Launch

check Create your Amazon Author Profile (https://authorcentral.amazon.com/)

check Create your Author Profile on other sites such as Goodreads, Smashwords, LibraryThing…

check Enroll in Amazon Associates program so that you can earn additional commissions from Amazon on sales of your book

check Create a short-link for your Amazon Associates book link (so you are giving people a weblink that has only a few characters (eg http://bit.ly/achievmentalchemist-book) as opposed to Amazon’s usual loooooong link (eg http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1514607557?creativeASIN=1514607557&linkCode=w01&linkId=H3FGZ54DIXYZKGTE&ref_=as_sl_pc_ss_til&tag=achievement0f-20) – both of those links go to exactly the same place.

check Develop your press release ready to go out the day after your Launch to announce your best-seller status, including your short-link – distribute online, local news and local professional networking organizations

check Create a Facebook Fan Page for your book / you as an author

check Create an EPK (electronic press kit) for your Amazon best-seller book complete with a copy of your book – noting best-seller status – send to ten relevant speaker agencies and agents

check Create a QR code for your short-link and put it on all of your promotional materials, including your business card

check Ensure your book is on your website and listed in your bio on sites such as LinkedIn

check Write a series of blog posts and articles for your website – or other blogs – and schedule their publication over the coming months

check Create a book trailer (like a movie trailer) and put that on your Amazon page as well as your website – including adding links to it in your bio

check Develop a social media campaign around your book – eg taking quotes from the book, using relevant hashtags and your short-link; referencing your blog posts and articles – and scheduling the campaign to run daily over the coming months

check Create an audio-version of your book

check Schedule a Book Tour (and remember to also schedule press releases, social media etc)

check Enter your book into as many book and writing competitions as possible (we regularly post lists of competitions both in the US and around the globe)

check Create infographics (Piktochart.com is an excellent resource) of main elements of your book – publish that infographic on social media & your website – noting best-seller status – link to purchase your book

check Create a PowerPoint presentation of the main elements of your book & upload it on SlideShare – noting best-seller status – link to purchase your book

check Create an audio for your PowerPoint presentation & put it on YouTube – noting best-seller status – link to purchase your book

check Send copy of your book to your top 10 prospects – noting your best-seller status and requesting a meeting with them

check Review the prices you charge for your services – many clients are able to significantly increase their prices once they achieve a best-seller ranking

check Create a personal ‘thank you’ video for the people who have supported you through not only the writing of the book, but in all endeavors that lead to this point and publish on YouTube, other social media and your website (always link to purchase your book)

check For non-fiction authors, you are now considered a best-selling ‘expert’ in your field – take one subject per day/week/month etc from the book and blog – link to purchase your book

check Have someone interview you on your best-selling book and put that audio/video on YouTube, social media, your website etc – link to purchase your book

check Make sure you reply to all reviews on Amazon

check Consider hosting a cocktail party or similar to celebrate – publicize on Eventbrite & similar – link to purchase your book

check Add your short-link to purchase your book to your email signature – noting best-seller status

check Consider using your book in place of a business card at certain networking functions

check Consider a range of promotional / merchandising items around your book and your brand (CafePress and VistaPrint are excellent resources) – we even have one client who did a full vehicle-wrap of her car!

free book marketing checklist wrapped vehicle

While this list is reasonably comprehensive, there are always additional activities that can be undertaken to promote your book and you as the author.

If we can assist in any way, please reach out:  admin@LeighStJohn.com

We look forward to hearing from you!