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Answers to frequently asked questions…

Circle-question-redI am a new author, will your programs help me?

These programs are designed for YOU, the person who wants to become positioned as an Expert in your field by publishing your own book.  Our tools and coaching programs are designed for people who have ZERO experience with self-publishing or website development. Our training is specifically created to help you learn what you don’t know.


Circle-question-redWhat if I’m not ready to write my book yet?

Then this is the PERFECT time to start!  You see, there are a lot of things we recommend you consider before you even type the first word, so starting before you are ready to write is actually the best time!  …and remember, if you are like a lot of people, you have been thinking about this for some time…  Make the commitment to yourself to actually DO this!  You won’t regret it.


Circle-question-redWill you help me sell more books?

We will do everything we can to help you sell more books!  We give you the tools and information you need in order to effectively market and sell your book ~ tools and information that other clients have successfully used before you, that you can use, and that others after you will use…  Plus, if you choose the Guaranteed Author Coaching Program, you have access to Leigh St John on your one-on-one call every single week to assist and support you!  These programs are step-by-step to do everything possible to make YOU a successful Published Author.  PLUS, when you have published your book, you have the option of taking advantage of our “Best Seller Campaign“!


Circle-question-redWill it cost me a lot to publish my book?

No way!!!  We teach you to be able to do everything yourself (even if your a newbie and you know next-to-nothing about computers etc!) – and with the coaching programs, we are right there with you step-by-step – so apart from the actual cost of the coaching itself, many of our clients spend ZERO.  Obviously, there are some areas where you may choose to pay for assistance, however we teach you everything you need to know to either do it yourself or to at least know what questions to ask if you do hire a professional.


Circle-question-redDo I have to purchase a certain number of books?

Absolutely NOT!  We work with a print-on-demand company called Create-Space.  They are a division of Amazon and they are what they say “print on demand”.  You can simply order as many or as few books as you like – AND you don’t need to order ANY and we can still get you listed on Amazon.com.


Circle-question-redCan I work at my own pace?

YES!  The Guarantee Author Home-Study Program is a self-paced program.  You will have access to all the training sessions that are audio files or printed materials – you listen to / read them in your own time and work at your own pace.


Circle-question-redHow long are the programs?

The Best-Seller Program is a 60-day process to turn your book into a best-seller on Amazon.  The Guaranteed Author Coaching Program is a 90-day process.  The Guaranteed Author Home-Study Program is as long or as short as you want it to be as you get access to all 12-months of the program when you sign up.


Circle-question-redWhy is the Guaranteed Author Home-Study Program so cheap?

Because all the training materials are delivered online, we have been able to reduce the price significantly – and we believe if we’ve been able to save on the delivery of the Program, you should save on its purchase!


Circle-question-redCan I hire you as a Personal Writing/Publishing Coach?

Absolutely!  That’s what the Guaranteed Author Coaching Program is all about – in 90 days (longer if you wish) I will take you from where you are to being a published author on the world’s largest bookstore, Amazon.com. PLUS, for a limited time* only, I will give you the Best-Seller Program for FREE!  That means not only will you be a published author, your book will also become a best-seller – guaranteed!  If you would like more details, please send me an email to info@LeighStJohn.com.  * Subject to availability and offer may be withdrawn at any time.


Circle-question-redHow do I get started?

Simply click here to schedule a free consultation so we can work out the best way to be of assistance that meets your needs and is within your budget.