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We are about to turn your book into a best-seller on the world’s largest bookstore, Amazon.com.

If you have been provided with this link, that means we have accepted your book into the program.

By proceeding with payment, you are confirming you have read through and understood the information on the program here www.GuaranteedAuthor.com so you know what to expect, as well as the terms and conditions outlined here http://guaranteedauthor.com/contact-us/privacy-policy/.

Also confirming, if for any reason we do not achieve a top 50 ranking in your category, we will repeat the process for free until we do.

We use the secure merchant facilities of PayPal and to get the ball rolling, please click on this link or on the “Click to Order” button above to initiate the first payment of $1250 USD.  The second and final installment of $1250 USD is not due until next month.  This constitutes the entire payment for the process and is non-refundable.  There are no other fees, royalties nor commissions.  Copyright of your book remains your exclusive property.

Once payment is made, you receive a confirmation and we get to work, keeping you regularly updated.

When we reach your three day launch and your book hits its peak, we provide you with a screen shot of your best-seller ranking that you may then use in your promotional material.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me direct.

My contact details can be found here:  http://leighstjohn.com/contact-us/

Looking forward to working with you and to you becoming an Amazon Best-Selling Author!

~ Bella

Leigh (Bella) St John