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Focusing on What’s RIGHT to fix What’s WRONG

Based on the essence of a school of thought known as Appreciative Inquiry, Leigh St John uses the technique of focusing on strengths to minimize the impact and risk of weaknesses.

Think of it like this…

Imagine your organization is like a patch of grass with weeds…  The weeds are representative of the ‘problems’ – whether they be people, strategies, operations or anything else.

While there are some noxious weeds you do need to physically remove, as for the rest – if you spend your time focused on the weeds, by the time you eliminate all of them – if you ever do – the grass is nearly dead…

If, however, you remove the noxious weeds and then focus almost all your attention on nurturing the grass, it grows stronger daily – eventually largely eliminating the weeds by natural attrition.

Does this sound familiar in your organization?

I do a good job; I do a good job; I do a good job; I do a good job; I do a good job; I do a good job; I do a good job… I hear basically nothing.  I stuff up just once and I’m pounced upon!

With this innovative style of personal and professional development, Leigh St John will develop a 100% customized program to achieve positive change management within your organization by focusing on the strengths of your company and its people while simultaneously treating the ‘weeds’.