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elevator-pitch2You have 30 seconds – or less! – to get your point across.  What do you say?

Whether you are attending networking events – whether you are being interviewed – or even if you are looking for the right man/woman! – learning how to make the right impression in 30 seconds or less is vital.

They also say that more people fear public speaking than they fear death.   If that sounds like you then it’s time to change that situation!!!

  • Increase your confidence to effectively introduce yourself in any situation!
  • Learn how to focus on what you want and what’s in it for them!
  • Discover how to enjoy it!


In this fast paced, interactive one-day seminar/workshop you will learn how to:

What’s your ‘hook’?

  • Increase your confidence
  • Define your ‘hook’
  • Explore your subject
  • Nail your close!
  • Practice your pitch
  • Create a great first impression
  • Effectively use body language
  • Manage different learning and communication styles
  • Handle questions
  • Always have a back-up
  • Leave your audience wanting more..!

…and we GUARANTEE that you will be able to do at least one presentation in front of your fellow participants and not die of embarrassment in the process.

During the workshop you will have an opportunity to both learn new skills and to put these skills into practice.

This workshop is suitable for people in all types of careers at all levels, and for people from all walks of life – and is especially appropriate for any person who has to address a group, wants to increase their self-esteem or generally wants to increase their competence and   confidence   in communicating with and introducing themselves to others.

Don’t wait any longer! 

Who knows, you may even leave the workshop thinking that doing your elevator pitch is fun ..!

This workshop is conducted either as an in-house workshop for your company or as a public workshop that anyone can attend.

Additionally, individual coaching can be arranged.

For more information, email us at:   ClientServices@LeighStJohn.com

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