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Feeling so blessed…

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I just took a moment to read the reviews thus far for my beloved Bridgit (Lady Bridgit Darnell) and not only do I feel so very honoured and blessed by the reviews that have been posted, but feel ever so appreciative for the time these people invested to read the story that I crafted and that means so much to me and then to take the step and actually leave a review.  That means so much!

Although I have published well over twenty non-fiction (business and personal development) books, this work of fiction-based-on-fact (meaning the entire forthcoming series, not only this first book) is, in my opinion, the best thing I have every created.  Period.

I have already completed the research for book two and when I get settled in Italy, will pick up where I left off…

Btw, Bridgit is not at all happy with me as although I have made significant headway writing book two, she is at this moment still floating in the English Channel covered in oil…  She is decidedly not impressed…  🙂

OK, back to work…

Sending love and smiles to all…

~ Bella


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  2. Your book is outstanding – I couldn’t put it down – which to me is the sign of a great book. I have fallen in love with Bridget and her adventures and cannot wait for the next book. Everyone should read this wonderful book – it is well researched and it is written in such a way that even I can understand the theory of Quantum physics. Thank you for writing such an incredible book.

    • Thank you, Precious! It truly is a labour of love… Have set myself a deadline of April 30th to finish writing Book Two – expect to have it published late May.

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