Language Folly

What language do they speak in Vienna? One would think the obvious answer is “German”, ya? German may be the official language, however during my stay I have been making myself understood with a variety of English, German, French and Italian (and given that the only language in which I …

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Lovers of History

WWII history

Their Sacrifice is Not Forgotten Just outside the window where I oft curl up at Torquay Marina (literally across the road from where I am staying) and work, write, read and enjoy a vino is a D-Day memorial. What warms my heart each and every time I am there is that …

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Today’s Office – Marina-Side in Torquay

Torquay marina

I love my offices..! Over the past week or so I have been really ramping up my physio and both today and yesterday even felt up to going for a walk around Torquay – literally ‘around’ – along the waterfront.  OK, so every step hurts quite significantly, but I don’t …

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What does your office look like?

virtual office

…and I’m not talking about how many stacks of papers there are on your desk… How to live a life most people only dream about… I’m referring to ‘where’ you actually work.  For many, there is no option but to turn up to a specific place however there is an increasingly large group …

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Faith By Night

Here are some photos I took on Pawley’s Island, SC the night before a full moon…