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Quantum Lace Earns The Literary Classics Seal of Approval

More good news!  I am SO proud of Bridgit…

Here is the review they posted when they announced Quantum Lace had earned the Literary Classics International Seal of Approval:

In 1895 Lady Bridgit’s dream is interrupted by a lucid encounter with a man named Markus, a person living in the future.  Shrugging the encounter off as nothing more than a vivid dream she nearly forgets about the incident.  Then one day something happens which calls to question everything she ever believed to be true.  Thus, begins the magnificent tale of Quantum Lace, a novella.

There are books out there about time travel that we’ve all read and enjoyed.  But this one is so entirely plausible, so highly engaging, that one can’t help but wonder if the concept of time travel is not only possible, but is perhaps undeniably real.  Taking science fiction to a whole new level, Quantum Lace is a book that will have readers packing their bags in preparation for their own expedition to an alternate place in time.  With a strong female protagonist and a cast of other well-developed characters, this book is sure to hit a home run with hard-to-please audiences and will leave them itching to get started on the next installment in the series.

At this moment, I am sitting at one of my favourite writing ‘establishments’ (aka place where they are friendly, I can curl up for hours in comfort, and they serve good wine!  LOL!) and about to dive back into writing Book Three…

Receiving this news was such wonderful inspiration to get this next book finished!

It’s funny…  Even with all the really cool and, on occasion, extraordinary things I have achieved in life, I truly feel this series is the best thing I have ever done…  Ever.

Thank you to each and every one of you for your encouragement and for loving Bridgit and her journey…

~ Bella

Quantum Lace Awarded ‘Honorable Mention’ in NY Book Festival

I was thrilled just now to receive an email advising me that Bridgit (my Quantum Lace series) was awarded an “Honorable Mention” in the New York Book Festival!

I am currently (at the time of writing this post) writing Book Three and expect to have it published within the next few weeks.

While I do not write Bridgit’s books in order to get accolades, I must admit, I am so very delighted when her story (and the research that goes into writing it) is acknowledged in such a way…

OK, back to writing..!

~ Bella

‘Quantum Lace’ is a 2017 Literary Classics Book Awards FINALIST!

Unlike most people, I actually enjoy checking my emails of a morning – primarily because I love what I do, the people with whom I work, and the really cool ‘stuff’ (technical word – LOL!) to which I have subscribed…

…and when I checked my emails this morning, I was greeted with an even greater gift – notification that Bridgit’s series has been named a 2017 Literary Classics Book Awards Finalist!

2017 Literary Classics Book Awards. Top Honors Book Awards. Book Award Finalist – Literary Classics Announced its 2017 list of book award recipients.

I will let you know if Bridgit manages to score an award..!

Thank you again to everyone who has read and loved the books…  I have already finished the research for book three…  Now I just need to knuckle down and write it… (or more precisely, get Bridgit to dictate…  LOL!  …and if you have no idea what I am talking about, then I guess you haven’t read the books!)

~ Bella

quantum lace book two

Quantum Lace Book Two is live!

As I write this, I am sitting in a lovely penthouse in Italy (technically in Lido di Ostia, less than an hour from Rome and only two blocks from the Tyrrhenian Sea), researching the third book in my Quantum Lace series…

…and I completely forgot to let you know that Book Two is available on Amazon already!

Here is a snippet to give you a taste of Book Two:

Bridgit awoke to find herself clinging to a life-preserver, the water thick with oil. Screams and hollow cries filled the air and the salt water seemed to shower her from both above and below as what she would later learn were German planes made several passes, strafing those bobbing about in the pandemonium, their bullets whizzing past and creating a bloody spray as they hit the water.

Somehow, she found herself in the worst maritime disaster in British history – a disaster that occurred during World War II (and that Churchill refused to allow the news outlets to cover for fear of a further drop in morale). In that one single incident as many men, women and children died as in the Titanic and 9/11 disasters combined…

…and that, my Friends, is where you find Bridgit in Book Two…

Here is your link for Book Two on Amazon:

…and in case you are wondering about Book Three…  Here is a snippet…

“Are y’all right, miss?” Bridgit heard a deep male voice ask in a slow drawl.

As she opened her eyes, Bridgit saw a woman beside her fussing about, waving a handkerchief in Bridgit’s face, and a tall figure of a man that seemed so large and impressive as to obliterate the entire view.

“She fainted when she heard about General Lee’s surrender,” said the woman in a high-pitched drawl that sounded to Bridgit as though the woman was doing her best to add the letter Y in the middle of as many words as possible. To Bridgit’s ears it sounded like, “She faYinted when she heaYrd about General LeeYs surreYnder.”

Bridgit had awoken in April, 1865 back in Charleston, South Carolina and at the end of a conflict that divided a nation – not just across the line delineating North and South, but across questions and arguments that still to this day have not been effectively answered, nor the wounds healed…

Over the coming days, Bridgit is witness to actions driven by both the highest ideals for which a man can stand and the lowest to which he can stoop – and she will completely reassess her definition and understanding of the entire concept of “FREEDOM” (and it will not be as ‘black and white’ as you might think…)

OK, back to work for this Princess Pixie…  Will let you know when Book Three goes live…

~ Bella