Amazon #1 bestseller – without ANY paid advertising and WITHOUT an email list!

leighstjohn-amazon-best-sellerThe ‘Hashtag 101 – Hashtag Basics for Non-Geeks with a special Section for Writers‘ has just become a #1 bestseller on Amazon – but that’s not why I’m excited…

I wanted to prove to my students that without ANY paid promotion and without promoting it to an email list, that if you follow the steps, and your book is actually what people want to read…

You can become an Amazon bestseller.

When I checked this morning, this is what I found – my little ‘Hashtag 101‘ book had hit #1 in both the Small Business and Starting a Business categories… and it reached that without ANY paid promotion or ANY emailing to any lists, big or small! 

In an age when anyone with a big enough wallet (or a large enough responsive email list) can become a bestseller, it’s kinda nice to know that it’s still an achievable goal for those who do not have access to such resources… 

and YOU can do it, too..!

It took me a VERY long time to put together the exact process to be able to take a non-fiction Kindle book through to bestseller status and to date we have achieved that status for several clients (actually every one of them has achieved an Amazon bestseller ranking of at least #25, with most being in the TOP 10!)

If you would like help with YOUR book, please reach out and say ‘Hi’ – or visit this page to learn more:



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